About ESenEM Yoga


New to ESenEM Yoga?

We can't wait to meet you!

Whether you have never stepped foot into a yoga studio or you are a seasoned yogi, we are thrilled you're here. At ESenEM we have developed our classes to be accessible and fun for all levels.  Each class incorporates lively music to push your mind and body further. We believe in working hard, having fun, and jamming out.  

New to yoga or hot yoga?  Ask one of our amazing instructors which class would best suit your needs. 

Permission Blocks 


Each studio uses our unique innovation of "Permission Blocks." These are small blocks that you put at the top of your mat to indicate that you're open to an adjustment  or assist during the class. An adjustment is when the instructor helps you get deeper into a pose with "hands on" contact. We recognize that some yogis don't want adjustments, or perhaps have had a recent injury that could preclude any type of adjustment. In any case, we respect our yogis, your practice, and your space. If you would like an adjustment or two during the class, place a block at the top of your mat. If you don't have a block, no worries, and there won't be any adjustments.   

"Wet" and "Dry" Lounges 

Our studios also have another unique innovation: Wet and Dry lounges. The "Wet" lounge is vinyl benches near the studio door. Our "Dry" lounge consists of a beautiful and comfortable reception area where you are guaranteed that you never have to sit in another yogi's puddle of sweat! Come early and hang out with us. Free WiFi and charging stations, too!

Mind Your Ps & Qs

We're a different yoga studio! However, there are some tips that will make your class and those who are practicing with you much better. Here's our list:  

  • Hydration Station!  We are a "sweat and movement" studio so start to hydrate 3-4 hours (or earlier) before each class. Also, feel free to drink during class as we have no designated "drink breaks." To make your life easier, we have filtered water and ice available in the studio. We also have electrolyte/vitamin mixtures and a fridge stocked with water and other beverages to purchase if you choose.  

  •  Be punctual for each class. In fact, try to arrive 15 minutes before the class, meet the instructor, score your favorite spot in the studio and just relax. Connect with your instructor who is always ready to help you with your practice. However, if something comes up and you just can't make it on time, DON'T WORRY, just come in and join us! Also, if you need to leave early, DON'T WORRY, it's your practice! If you can spend 20 minutes with us, it's Great! No worries.  

  • Conversation.  Hmmm... this is where we're different. Come in, talk with your fellow yogis, have fun. No need to keep quiet, at least until the class begins. Enjoy!  

  • Shoes.  We want our studio floor to be as clean as possible, so please do not walk in the studio with shoes. We have cubbies for you.  

  • Perfume and cologne.  Please go easy. You are in a heated class, in close proximity with other yogis who are breathing deeply. Your lovely smells, which are purely subjective, will come across very strongly during the session. Observe good general hygiene but save the perfume for your post-yoga celebration.  

  • Mats and towels.  Please bring a mat and towel. If you don't have one, we have some to lend out, first come first serve. Please wipe studio mats down after the class and place used studio towels in the laundry.  

  • Yoga clothing.  The best is "performance fabrics" and not cotton, which gets quite heavy with sweat.


  • Clean up the immediate area. If you're a "heavy sweater" please don't make the instructor clean up your spot. Respect your studio, your teachers and your fellow yogis.

  • This is hot yoga.  It can be stressful both physically and mentally.  Listen to your instructors and your body.  Take breaks whenever you want to.  Even veteran yogis do this. 


  • Finally thank your teacher.  He or she is trying to create your best yoga experience.  Connecting with your teacher may be the best way to expand your yoga practice.​

What to Expect

We have an awesome studio and a great staff. Come early and hang out with friends in our lounge, check out our retail, get to know our teachers. We have free WiFi and charging stations, too.  


Our staff is here for you, please don't hesitate to ask us any questions.   

Expect to work hard, sweat, drink a lot of water, and have a lot of fun.  

We like our yoga hot here, so if you have a towel, please bring it.   

ESenEM Hot 60 is about 100-104 F and 50-70% humidity.  

ESenEM Carve is "heated" to about 95 F and lower humidity about 40-50%.

ESenEM Movement is "heated" to about 95 F and lower humidity about 40-50%.