Welcome to ESenEM Yoga
Flagstaff & Scottsdale, AZ

Sweat and Movement

Welcome to ESenEM Yoga

Flagstaff & Scottsdale, Arizona

ESenEM is thrilled have studios in Flagstaff and Scottsdale, offering a variety of hot yoga classes that will strengthen your body and improve your flexibility, balance and endurance. Our studios are built with the most advanced non-toxic materials. The studio flooring is specifically designed for a hot yoga environment with no off-gassing of potentially toxic compounds. The studios have been painted so there are no emissions of ethylene glycol or volatile organic compounds. ESenEM has state-of-the-art infrared heaters for a healthier and more beneficial hot yoga experience.

In case you're wondering, our name, ESenEM, is a play on our tagline: "Sweat and Movement" which you're sure to do during any of our classes.


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Flagstaff Spring Semester Special

Back by Popular Demand in Flagstaff

Students in Flagstaff with a current student ID can score almost 4 months of unlimited yoga for just $299.

School can be tough and stressful, a regular yoga practice will improve your mental and physical growth during the spring semester.

This offer is good for the Spring Semester, 2019, January 14th through May 10th.

Sign up as soon as possible to get as much yoga in as possible this semester!

Good luck this semester!


ESenEM Yoga Flagstaff

320 S. Regent Street

Suite 306

Flagstaff, AZ 86001


ESenEM Yoga Scottsdale

8220 N. Hayden Road

Suite C-111

Scottsdale, AZ  85258